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The Future of Orthomolecular Therapy -- Today
Heart Technology Customer's Cholesterol Plunges after 8 Months on 2 Jars/Month

Because lesions (damage) in the blood vessels can be avoided or healed with high doses of Vitamin C, and because Lysine and Proline inhibit the binding of Lp(a) cholesterol (Lipoprotein(a)) to these lesions, which form dangerous plaques. It also provides the HEART POWER of anti-oxidant Vitamins E & A, plus Arginine, Folic acid, and Vitamin B6 in a pleasant tasting, well absorbed drink.

Heart Technology™

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ASCORSINE-9 (A-9) has everything in the original HeartTechnology plus new ingredients that have been shown to reduce blood pressure and the likelihood and severity of an heart attack (magnesium and more vitamin B6 ), an ingredient that help fat soluble vitamins repair tissue (taurine) and extra ingredients to strengthen muscle (creatine and carnitine).
Tower added vitamin K to help regulate calcium from soft tissues into bone where it belongs.


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The ANTI-AGING TECHNOLOGY (A-A) is a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion formula that features the amino acid arginine. The A-A drink mix is based on the published recommendations of Anti-aging doctor Ronald Klatz, MD, in his book GROW YOUNG WITH HGH.

Anti-Aging TechnologyLife-long Maintenance

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Pure Pauling Therapy

Inhibit Lp(a) Binding, Reduce Cholesterol - Naturally

Effective - Predictable cholesterol lowering at high dosages.
Its a drink mix - replaces 500-2000 pills monthly.

Nontoxic - avoid known side-effects of statin drugs.
Less expensive - than separate pills.
Fewer dosage errors - no pills.
No need to hunt for hard-to-find ingredients.
Maximum absorption - liquid form (mixes with 8 oz water or juice.)
Pure nutrition - no binders, fillers, glues or additives to hold pills together.
No preservatives
Highly accurate vitamins and amino acids with strength based on Linus Pauling's recommendations.
Guaranteed potency
No animal by-products - aminos (e.g. lysine) do NOT come from "natural" animal sources with attendant risk of virus or disease.
No meat by-products - right for vegetarians. Kosher.
99.9% Carb Free - no sugars or carbs.
Safe - No added trace minerals (Note: A-9 contains magnesium)
Satisfaction guarantee - money is refunded on request.
"Formulas "proven" by usage since 1996 [Third Party Testimonials on Pauling's Therapy]

Our Commitment to Excellence.
The Assurance of Quality.

The personal touch makes the difference. Every step in the manufacturing process is checked -- by real people -- and rechecked for accuracy. Tower employees use the product themselves, and they know how important Tower technology nutritional mixes are to our customers.

All ingredients of Tower Laboratories Corporation products are formulated based upon the highest quality raw materials, tested for assay purity and blended and packaged in strict compliance with the U. S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality control guidelines.

Our quality control is unsurpassed and the purity of each component and blend is confirmed using the most accurate analytical techniques available. Powder products are tested for granular compatibility to prevent separation or stratification.

Tower manufactures technology products in the low humidity of Las Vegas Nevada and the company makes every effort to minimize humidity during mixing.

The ingredients are obtained only from a number of well known manufacturers, whom we carefully screen to be part of our quality assurance team. Only those component manufacturers noted for their reputations for quality and customer support are selected to supply Tower with products.

To protect the effectiveness of the nutrients found in the products, Tower employs only bottling and packaging techniques that avoid the use of excessive heat, moisture and solvents.

Raw materials and finished products are stored in our warehouse under strict regulation of temperature. Inventories are carefully controlled so that only the freshest products are made available.


Color Changes
Changes in color and consistency are normal and do not change effectiveness or potency. Tower Orthomolecular has vigorously resisted adding artificial coloring to hide these changes and make the product appear more standardized.

According to our Chemists, these deepening color changes and tendency to "clump" do not affect product efficacy. These changes are almost entirely due to moisture, but occasionally, Tower Orthomolecular will change an ingredient or supplier. For example, Tower recently upgraded vitamin E from dl-alpha to d-alpha (the so-called "natural" form of vitamin E.)

The consumer can minimize color changes by keeping the desiccant pad in the jar, closing the jar tightly after use, (holding the top and bottom of the jar, not the middle) and storing in a cool dry place, using the product in the month the jar was opened, and using up one jar before opening another.

With Tower products you can be assured that you are taking quality supplements prepared under the highest standards.

SIGNED: Management and Staff at Tower Orthomolecular
March 2003

Disclaimer: USE TOWER ORTHOMOLECULAR LABORATORIES INC. PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any statements on this web site. Tower Orthomolecular Laboratories Inc. does not make health claims for its products. Tower Orthomolecular products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Tower is not responsible for independent third parties who may otherwise represent efficacy of our products. These individuals are not our agents and do not have our permission. Unsatisfactory products sold in the USA may be returned for a full refund.

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HeartTechnology Product Description
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A-9 Product Description
ASCORSINE-9 Pricing (U. S. Dollars)
Suggested Retail: $64.95
Patient Drop-ship: $59.95 + S&H

Anti-Aging Product Description
Anti-Aging Pricing (U. S. Dollars)
Suggested Retail: $69.95
Patient Drop-ship: $43.14

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